Keynote & Inspirational Talk

Youth Leaders: making climate your career

10:45 - 11:15 (16/06/2023)


Our future is at stake, and we have the right to be scared and mad. Learning about the climate crisis is overwhelming, and somewhat depressing. But we can channel this anger and fear into action, because we still have time. In 2018, Cassia created an organization - Youth Climate Leaders - to help young people tackle two main challenges that threaten their future in the 21st Century: the climate crisis and structural unemployment. Today a young person is 3x more likely to be unemployed than adults—even as collectively they represent the largest percentage of the world’s potential labor force. What if tackling the climate crisis was also a way to improve the lives of young people worldwide through well-paying green jobs? 


Cassia Moraes

Fundadora y miembro de la junta

Youth Climate Leaders

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