Custodio López Zamarra

Sommelier and Wine educator

Sumiller López Zamarra




Considered the most influential Spanish sommelier at present, he has been repeatedly honored with the "Premio Nacional de Gastronomía al Mejor Sumiller de España". With over 40 years of experience as a sommelier at the Zalacaín Restaurant, he has advised on wine purchases for companies such as Makro España and Iberia throughout his career. He is a co-author of three books: "Guía Práctica del Servicio de Mesa", "Guía Práctica para Invitar a Casa" , and "33 Años en Zalacain". Currently, he works as a sommelier trainer, serves as an international tasting judge in numerous competitions, and acts as a wine influencer.


H&T 2024 Awards Final Tasting



8:30 - 13:30


Sala de Catas - Sala de Conferencias (planta baja)