General information


Stages of the activity 

1.- Registration: Once you register to SCE Doha, you will receive and email with access to your networking area and then you need to complete: 

  • Company profile. 
  • Participant profile. 
  • Networking profile: whereby you explain what your company has to offer, what kind of collaboration you are looking for, and the ideas you would like to discuss at the meeting. 

Please keep in mind: 

  • All the information should be written in English. 
  • All the information will be reviewed and checked before being included in the participants’ page. 
  • If there is any information incomplete or that needs to be clarified, we will get in touch with you. 
  • Incomplete or unclear profiles will not be published in the tool. 
  • The networking profile is key, without it meetings cannot be requested. 
  • You can only create one networking profile, so we recommend that you include the maximum information possible, in the clearest and most understandable way for your potential interlocutors.

2.- Promotion of posted profiles 

All the profiles will be posted on the activity web page so the other participants can read your networking profile. 

3.- Creation of agendas 

Notifications by email 

You will receive an informative email once the period for requesting meetings opens. We will keep you updated on any news about the activity as well as upcoming deadlines. 

Requesting meetings 

To ensure your agenda is as comprehensive as possible, you will need to make a search among the participating companies and request a meeting. We recommend you use the filters provided to fine-tune your search as much as possible. 

* * If you want to request meetings during the onsite, you will have to go to the networking meeting desk.

Your agenda 

A few days before the event, you will receive your personalized meeting agenda. You can also check it whenever you want online in your online profile.

You will find the following information in your agenda: 

  • Time 
  • Table number 
  • Information on the person and the company you will be meeting  

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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Smart City Expo Doha 2023
Tel. num: 00 34 633 74 04 67 / 00 34 615 092 783
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User Area

Dates: Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th of November
Location: Congress Center of EXPODOHA,Al-Bidda Park how to get there
Schedules:  From 11.30h to 18.30h